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FARUS The International Felinological Association « RUS »

The Felinological Association of Russia (FAR) is one of the oldest Russian associations of cat lovers, which was founded in 1989 under the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation and had the original name of the All-Russian Association of Cat Lovers Clubs. In 1991, the organization was registered with the Ministry of Justice as the Felinological Association of Russia (FAR). Since its foundation, FAR has maintained close contacts with European clubs of cat lovers, which allowed it to become a member of the World Cat Federation (WCF) in 1990, first as a patronized, and from 1992 until January 2009 - a full member WCF. In 1999, FAR was re-registered with the Ministry of Justice of Russia for No. 109 and received international status. (Felinological Association "Rus" (FARUS) 
Currently, FAR is one of the largest felinological organizations in Russia and neighboring countries, which unites clubs of cat lovers. FAR considers the organization and maintenance of breeding work at the international level to be the most important goal of its work, paying special attention to the breeding and standardization of Russian cat breeds. Interaction with clubs belonging to the FAR is not limited to consultations and licensing of exhibitions.
FAR represents their interests in the international arena, organizes numerous seminars and internships for breeders and experts. The organization and holding of large cat shows is another important area in the work of the HEADLIGHTS. The subject of special pride is the Championship of Russian cat breeds, the first of which took place in the memorable 1993 in the Moscow Government building.
We look forward to the future with confidence and optimism. We hope for the support of all cat lovers and invite all feline organizations and associations to cooperate.interests in the international arena, organizes numerous seminars and internships for breeders and experts. 
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